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LadyShiks Spinning Decks In Male Dominated DJ Music Industry

GIYANI: As South Africa continues to celebrate woman’s month, today we meet the 26 year old female dj  who have also share some stage with some big names in the industry and  hails from Dzingidzingi Village in Giyani.

DJ LadyShiks as she affectively known to her fans was born on the 3rd June 1992 as Dyondzo  Gift Shikwambane at Makhuva Clinic, just 50 killometres outside Giyani,Limpopo in South Africa.

She moved from Makhuva Village and grew up at Dzingidzingi Village,   “I grew up a happy child in a family of 26 children, 13 girls ad 13 boys I am the 24th born In the family. My father had a tavern I guess that’s how I got my music bug”, explained DJ LadyShiks.

LadyShiks love for music started at very tender age of six whereby she could dance any type of music that would play; in 2010 she enrolled for BSC Degree in Water & Sanitation at University of Limpopo.

During her time at the university is where she discovered her love for music , she later aspire to be a DJ as she started to teach herself basics  of Djing using the computer and also helped other Djs.

After completing her studies at the university she later enrolled with Soul Candi Institution Of Music (SCIM) DJ course 101 completed in February 2013 inspired by DJ Kent as she already shared the stage with big names such as Black Coffee and many more.

Shiks further  stated her motivation to entertainment industry, “I have always been into Art as a kid, the environment I grew up in molded me to be the person I am today”.

She also highlighted the important point as the country celebrate woman’s month, “Djing itself   is regarded as  male dominated industry and for us women to survive in such industry is power”, explained Shiks.

Shiks further stated that “For people to doubt my ability to play because I am a woman. I always have to prove myself that I can do it right”.

She also aspire ” to  travel 20 African countries before I take over the world tour” as she already been to Lesotho, Mozambique and Botswana and she has challenged the government and corporate South Africa to invest more in the industry as it has potential to grow the economy .

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