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The lives of foreign nationals in South Africa

Difficulties foreign nationals encounter in order to live the South African dream.

Samuel Kankolongo

South Africa is a welcoming country, with a lot of good opportunities for foreigners. living in South Africa is not easy, however for those who are working and depending on their families it becomes easy.

The problems that foreign nationals face in South Africa is xenophobia and documentation. how can one work or live in a country without proper document?

As Africans, we need to love each other and support one another. South Africa has qualities that other countries do not have, in terms of studying; we see a lot of foreign students studying and getting good qualification that will help them contribute in the development of their countries.

we should not be ignorant as Africans, a lot of foreign countries put their hands together in the liberation of south Africa during the apartheid regime countries like: Libya, Zimbabwe, Malawi,Angola, Zambia and Zaire( Democratic Republic of Congo).

As Africans, let us unite and resist this regime of not loving each other, for we are all born from mama Africa and we are one. we say no to xenophobia and hatred among africans.

Collins Ndlovu
I'm a passionate Political and Economic Analyst who is passionate about writing, enjoys constructive debates that provide solutions to existing problems.

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