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Young Entrepreneur With big Dreams In The Clothing Industry

243 smat wear created in 2016 by Djodjo Iyolo, it is more then a brand. the vision is to expand the brand and make sure that everyone who get the product is happy with it.

A young Congolese entrepreneur created a clothing brand in order to win the souls of people who has style and also accommodate each person who will want to look good.

The main objective of this creation was, to create jobs for people by selling the product at shopping malls and open places to prevent them from crimes and getting in trouble with the law.

Djodjo Iyolo can be regarded as an hero, by this great innovation, many families have food on their tables and most of these young people are kept safe on weekends hence there are doing something productive and earn money for their personal needs.

243 smart wear, more than a brand. buy the product and enjoy it.



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