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A Young Woman With Big Dreams

Save a Precious Soul, is about giving back to the community. created by a young woman named Precious Masego Moeng. 

Samuel Kankolongo

Created on the 30th august 2018, save a precious soul, is  non profitable organization (NPO) that focuses on bettering the less fortunate by mainly giving them back needs such as food, clothing, school books and uniform (for students) and any other need they require.

It is solely depending on donations from people in the community and companies that are willing to assist in ensuring that people are well taken care of.

“A hungry mind is a desperate mind” (Precious Moeng)- we want to reduce crime in our communities as the main reason for the homeless to be involved in crime because they are only trying to fend for themselves. so by being there for them, this will reduce the crime rate in our communities.

The main vision is to change lives by helping the less fortune reach their full potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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