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Get Ready To See The Kwaito Queen On Your Screen

JOHANNESBURG: Nomasonto Maswanganyi known as Mshoza she is looking forward to showing South Africa her reality show on our screens. if you thought you knew her, she said you are in for a candy treat.

The kwaito Queen has one of the personalities that can’t be easily forgotten even after the break she took on music. she assured that “everything will be as it is, an unscripted reality.”The Queens’s life has always been making headlines, whether on and off stage is always intriguing.

The show name on it’s on will grab the attention and make headlines, the show was inspired by her latest single ‘Ayina chorus, the show will be called Ayina script meaning it is not scripted.  she makes it clear that she is no millionaire, she don’t wake up with make up on. “I am just an ordinary person and people will see that.” she said.

Mshozi feel she has been misunderstood for years, people think she needs a man to live her life , they don’t know that she always had to work extremely hard to make her money and even get where she is today. A few months ago, her man burnt her clothes and hair worth 80000, allegedly beat her up and accused her of cheating.

The kwaito Queen is taking on another journey,  our Mshoza  is indeed on the journey of becoming  a Sangoma(traditional healer) “I never believed in that but it got me” , she makes it clear that she still believes in GOD.


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