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Burger day with street kids

This will take place on Thursday 11th of October 2018 at 12:00 Lunch Time in Vanderbijlpark, The Owner of 243 Smart Wear will have lunch with 10 street kids at McDonald’s just show appreciation and to feed or spoil a street kid…Now as they will be eating you are more than welcome to come give them whatever that God puts in your heart. I’m doing this as a way of giving back to the community.

Samuel Kankolongo

Djodjo Iyolo the founder of 243 smart wear (clothing brand), made 10 street kids happy by giving them food and money to satisfy their need.

When we give back to the community, it does not mean that people have money or they want to be known or seem, it is all about helping those who are really in need.

It was an emotional day, listening to these street kids lamentations was painful. they said ” we work everyday as car guards in town just to earn an average salary of R50 to R70 to help by food. And 243 smart wear provided money and food for that so that they can rest for the day.

Because you have money, it does not mean that you are better than others. Because you are going to school, it does not mean that you are smarter than others. There are people out there who are more talented, more smart, but they did not have the chance that you have got. Do not regard those who are begging for money and food as useless, maybe they were also in good positions but life was just unfair to them.

Sharing is caring. When you have the chance or the opportunity to help those who are in need, please do it, just by giving them money and food, you can put back a smile on there faces and God will surely bless you.

Travaillons seullement. (let us work)

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