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Drugs Addicts Target Patients For Their Medication

Johannesburg: Ikageng’s drug problem is on the rise says patients who have collected their medication at Boiki Tihapi Clinic only to be robbed by drug addicts.

A few abandoned buildings situated next to the clinic are believed to house drug addicts, according to the Clinic’s employees who say there have been more than four cases of  patients being robbed of their medication.

The problem lies with the hostel , it’s a home to drug dealers and now these drug addicts use those abandoned houses as their smoking area. that’s their hang out spot, and if they don’t have money, they rob our patients of their medication during the day.

Ikageng SAPS said that they have received tips offs regarding drug activities in that area, and have made arrest in the past. However not one case of patient being robbed of their medication has been opened yet.

The patients fear for their lives also due that they will never know what will happen when these drug addict are high with drugs. They always now scared when they have to fetch their medications at the Clinic, and they need them to keep them selves alive and healthy.

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