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Gama Is Both Wrong And Fired Molefe


Johannesburg: Transnet was well within its rights to remove former CEO Siyabonga Gama, insist chair of the entity, popo Molefe

Gama had spoken to fin24 on Monday, saying the entity overstepped its powers and those of the court when advised him on the termination of his employment despite the court having advised that the matter should go to arbitration just days before.

However, Molefe said when Transnet wrote to Gama about the termination of his employment, it was backed not only by Gama’s failure to make a representation by Friday on what he should not be removed, but also his inability to inspire confidence in the board.

Other scandals, including the procurement of 1 064 locomotive, 95 confined locomotives and other matters, counted among the issues detailed in transgressions communicated to Gama, Molefe said. He should have replied before the Friday but did not do so, added that.

Molefe said the entity sent him a letter of demand to pay back 151m lost under his watch. He said it was not possible for the board to trust someone who lost that much money without reporting the incident to the company

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