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Westbury Murder Accused’s Bail Bid Postponed Again

Johannesburg: The bail application for three men arrested in connection with the murder of Heather Petersen in Westbury in Johannesburg was on Tuesday postponed by the Magistrate’s Court to November 14.

Peterson was shot dead last month when she was caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting in Westbury. She was walking with a ten- year old child who was injured in the shooting. the incident sparked violent community protests over the ongoing gang violent community protests over the ongoing gang violence and the seeming  impotence of the police to combat the high level of violence.

The three suspects are expected to apply for bail at their next appearance.

On Tuesday, the court heard that the identity parade for accused number three was not conducted and it will be done over the weekend, meaning the bail application could not continue.

The magistrate asked the gallery to leave the court before the case started, and for cell phones to be switched off, while no photographs or  identification of the accused  was allowed.

Media were requested to bring a formal application to cover proceedings on the day of the bail hearing. Suspects remain in custody.

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