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Azania Mosaka Opens Up About Overworking Herself

Johannesburg: The Real Talk presenter and radio personality, Azania Mosaka, recently shared her struggle with self-care on Instagram in lengthy post that let her followers in on her personal life.

She says she used to overwork herself, not eat healthy and neglect working out. She also added that realised that she wasn’t happy and the only person that could help her, was herself.

“From 2011 to early 2017 I prioritized and did things that were not good for me”. I neglected my wellbeing, she began.

She added, long days, working hard, often 7 days a week, eating on the run, eating badly, distressing over drinks with friends, inconsistent with exercise, had no time to evaluate my life, my relationship, my path.

I didn’t even recognize how far I had wondered away from myself. I was building a castle. Had to build a castle just on a treadmill to collapse and exhaustion.

“I had a drawn out slow crash. Didn’t like the life I was living”. I was anxious, tired and unhappy. What Kagiso Msimango describes as a life of quite desperation.

No amount of new stilettos could fix it. Or new furniture. Or new project. No relationship could fix it. No amount of dinners, engagements and level of busyness could fit it.

She concluded that to take care of her mental health, she sees a therapist and also does breathing exercise to cope with life’s pressure, I see therapist and do breath work with her to reset and connect my mind, body and soul.

Self care comes first. Everything else second. Now even when things get difficult, breathe my way through it. I hope you find your teachers and guides.




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