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Philanthropist Giving Back To The Community

Giyani: Young Philanthropist Steyn Chavalala from Sikhunyani Village outside Giyani has celebrated women’s month by giving needy kids school shoes and sanitary towels. 

He demonstrated that, he was motivated by his own parents who used and still care for the needy people in the community and also their  neighbors.

This act of humility and care from his parents encouraged Chavalala to follow his parents foot steps, as he celebrated women’s month in his village of Sikhunyani by giving back school shoes and sanitary towels  to needy kids.

He believes in the spirit of sharing, reciprocal love which inspires him to do good, particularly to the poor marginalized people of many villages and townships across South Africa.

He further explains,”it was sometime around February 2019 when my friend Jabu Hlongwane visited  my house”. He started telling me about how  good it feels to give back to the community at large

He also highlight the fact, he has always been a giver but not at a large scale, and since then Jabu Hlungwani has been his inspiration.

The inspiration from Jabu Hlongwane bore fruits, when he decided to start from his village to give back to his both  former primary and high school.

He stressed on the English saying, “that charity begins at home” as this year on the 8th August 2019,he donated over 100 pairs of Bucaneer and Toughies shoes to the learners of Mhlanganisweni Primary School and Sikhunyani High School respectively.

He highlighted his feelings, “for me it was something small that I had to do, but  started realizing that i have done big after looking at reception and words of appreciation from the teachers, parents and the children.

He also stressed on the importance of helping the poor , particularly young women in rural areas, who skip school because of lack of sanitary towels when they are on menstruation periods.

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Dumisani Chavalala



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