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Before You Say I Do

BY Faith Madala

“Literature has shaped our society and words have built who we are today. I am a preacher who grew up in a mission to better shape my surroundings because I had a lot in mind to establish but as I was growing many factors of life drove me away from my focus area and my way to reach out was made possible by my love of writing,” 

The life of a man is sandwiched between a process and a product, between pain at a time and a profit afterwards, sometimes failures at the beginning and tremendous success at the other side.

My name is XIKONGELO SHIHUNDLA and the founder of WORLDWIDE CHRIST MINISTRIES. I am an officially ordained pastor and I operate in the prophetic office. I grew up in Limpopo province at Waterval well-known as Elim. I am from a family of 6, my parents are Dumisani and Tsakani Shihundla and my siblings are Tinyiko, Miyelani and Muhluri Shihundla. Growing up I had the love to build and help the youth hence I began my journey in ministry as an inter-youth program director, bringing together youth from different villages. The aim was to inspire and motivate others for the good.

Before you say I do is my second released book. My first book I published was [seven revelations of tongues] that book inspired me to dwell into writing as I could see the impact the book did.
I got married at 24years and I glorify God for that.  Being in ministry I realized the biggest problem in most people’s lives was marriage and relationship.

Before you say I do is an insightful guide to help singles prepare for marriage as it is designed by God. relationships are the greatest target in the kingdom of darkness therefore this book is a tool to help you discover principles from God’s word.
Marriage contains a unique and interesting potential hence it is the only game of chance in town where players can either win together or lose together.

This book has been developed to help you decrease the risky elements of marriage and relationship. I and my wife Vonani Shihundla trust that when you read and reflect your marriage and relationship on this book it will turn things around and make your marriage and relationship appetizing as well as help you to grow strong in a beautiful union.

The principles I shared in the book are some that made my marriage to be a blessing and I am blessed with a baby girl whose name is Atarah meaning a crown. This was after I saw greatness in my marriage at the age where divorce is the first stage after marriage. Indeed, God blessed me with a princess.
this book is aimed on building queens and kings in relationships and marriage not ‘motho wa modimo’ in a relationship and marriage.

Before you say I do was launched on the 26th of October 2019 and it is sold at R200. you may kindly contact:
brother vision: 072 717 2999 [for more information and orders]

The book can be delivered in any part of Gauteng, Limpopo and via Postnet. This book is now in a mission of renovating and constructing promising relationships.


Dating is discovering who your partner is and a life time journey to building a joyful union amongst the two. The bible says, ’and the two shall become one.’ Before you say I do is the best instrument you can use to build yourself and your marriage or relationship.
Stay blessed Family!

Author: Prophet KE Shihudla

Contact details: 081 703 2880

Facebook: Xikongelo Shihundla

Insta-gram: Xokongelo Shihundla

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