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Reggie Nkabinde Ready To Take Over The ANCYL

Johannesburg: Reggie Nkabinde is ready to take over from Collin Maine as president of the African National Youth league(ANCYL) when the organisation assembles for its elective conference in the next few months. Nkabinde’s name is amongst other nominees lobbying for the position of president in the ANCYL. Nkabinde has abandoned his music production company Mabala Noise […]

Breaking News Latest News Politics South Africa

Government looted Money Invested For Eastern Cape Projects

Service providers including state-owned companies and government departments have allegedly robbed over R1.6 billion meant for social housing and other services in the Eastern Cape. City Press reported, three new reports compiled by National Treasury which it has seen – the money was looted and then spent on new cars, stays at boutique, hotels and […]