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SA Needs A Strong Civil Society To Overcome Its Challenges

JOHANNESBURG: The country’s democracy is threatened by corruption, patronage from the ruling party, while opposition takes advantage of that void; they in turn take voters for granted that continues to frustrate voters as to who to vote for during election time. Some historians and analysts share the same view when it comes to the role […]

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The ANC Only Concern Is To Please Market At The Expense Of Voters

JOHANNESBURG: The ANC government since 1994 has always been a market based party, which protected and preserve the existing status quo in the expense of poor uneducated voters. Some people have once labeled former struggle icon Nelson Mandela as a sell out as they believed that, he protected the oppressors in the form of white […]

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Home Affairs Department Plays Huge Role Increasing Crime

JOHANNESBURG: The police minister Bheki Cele has recently released crime statistics, while most of these are committed by illegal foreigners who enter the country every day. Today South Africa has the highest crime compared to other countries, given that it is viewed as the safe haven for many Africans from the continent. Since the dawn […]

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Charismatic Leaders Have Destroyed African Democracies

JOHANNESBUREG: Africa has a history of humanity or Ubuntu that is usually associated with reciprocal behavior, but it seems as many politicians have used this charismatic character to destroy and loot state resources. Since the colonizers decided to give back power to most African nations in the late 50s, many charismatic leaders emerge and lead […]

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Capitalist System Alone Cannot Eradicate Poverty And Inequality

JOHANNESBURG: The South African economy has been under pressure since the global financial meltdown in 2008 and subsequently failed to meet the growing needs of its young population. The situation worsened when former president Jacob Zuma took office in 2009 where his bloated the public sector. The writer and former economic hit man John Perkins […]